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We have always done things differently including our approach to security and privacy.

The traditional models cannot keep up with today’s fast evolving threats and ingenious attackers.

Every time you open a web page, every time a banner shows up, every time you run a particular code, a great deal of yourinformation is handed out: you’re not giving them to the web site you’re visiting, but to other networks who use them.

And very often that happens without you even knowing their destination. Our system guards will block the majority of these attempts of invading your privacy.

We have developed new ways and strategies in the pursuit of one goal: to help our customers to connect with confidence anywhere, any-time!

Highly redundant network with nodes across 6 continents
99.9% uptime SLA
Super fault-tolerant N+1 architecture
High performance, low latency response times across the globe
Built in DDoS protection included
24x7 Free Customer Support
Geo-IP Directional Routing and Country Blocking
Load balancing and Fail-over with alerts
Easy to use web portal
Secure two-factor authentication, Access Control List, SSL protected portal
Advanced permissions
Free SSL certificates and management
Single click DNSSEC and IPv6 compliant
Primary, secondary, hidden master support
EDNS0 Client-Subnet enabled
SSAE 16, Type-II compliant
24/7 look-out by a team of motivated engineers

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere! For our team tomorrow's imagination is already today's reality.


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Customer Support
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Global coverage from an Anycast-powered network serving billion queries per day.Lightning-fast lookup speeds and instant DNS updates.Built in security to protect against DDoS and other web attacks.Powerful functionality with no query limits, easy management and a robust API.

Malware and protection breach
We deliver security at the DNS layer, using the Internet’s existing infrastructure, to keep malware from compromising your systems and to stop botnets or phishing from filtrating your data.
Lightning-fast look-up speeds and instant DNS updates.

One of the fastest DNS providers, we route your DNS query to the closest available nameserver to make sure the response is returned in a few milliseconds.Updates to DNS are fast. Changing website content, updating to point to disaster recovery servers or switching hosting providers becomes easy with near instant DNS updates. Web visitors see the freshest content and avoid any risk of outdated information.

Changes to web hosting avoid waiting for public DNS TTL (Time To Live) record expiration, because your public IP addresses don't change.

Predictive intelligence
Security is simple to deploy by getting your IP from our system which is also easy to manage. No hardware to install. No software to maintain. Nothing you need to update.

Our Goals

CUSTOMER satisfaction100%

Advanced Network Services for Added Performance and Security

SiteBacker — Monitoring & Failover

Monitor and automatically fail-over DNS traffic in the event of under-performing or unavailable servers.

Traffic Controller — Weighted Load Balancing

Control and optimize traffic and network performance at the DNS level.

Directional DNS Routing

Accelerate service and enable localized website content routing by IP, Autonomous System Number (ASN) and combine with geo-location for highly targeted routing solutions.

Dedicated Name-server Announcements

Increase your performance and protection by getting your dedicated name-server.

Dedicated DNS Resolvers

For the ultimate in performance, get dedicated resolvers to answer your queries exclusively and complement them with our secure shared DNS resources.

Individual Customer Protect

Gain visibility into email-based attacks, protect your children and stop the abuse immediately.

and a lot more ....

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